Choose the Career you Love or Love the Career...

Choose the Career you Love or Love the Career...

Do you feel you need to “settle” for a career with low demand for oral communication?
Do you have a dream job that seems out of reach because you stutter?
Are you considering a career change, but worry that your stuttering will be a barrier to advancement? Are you currently in a position where you defer public speaking to your colleagues?

Join us for an inspiring conversation with stutterers/PWS who have advanced in careers with high demand for public speaking. They will share their stories, perspectives, challenges, and successes. They will offer ideas for interviewing, press conferences, addressing large groups, briefings, self-advocacy, and more. A variety of occupations will be represented.

Many thanks to the generosity from the Katharyn Elizabeth Fell Demaree Fund for sponsoring this special Virtual Learning by Stuttering Foundation.

Target Audience: Adults who Stutter, Teens who Stutter, Speech-Language Pathologists

Bio: Vivian Sisskin is a clinical professor at the University of Maryland, an ASHA Fellow, and a Board-Certified Specialist in Fluency Disorders. She served as Coordinator for ASHA’s Special Interest Group 4 (Fluency Disorders), Chair of ASHA’s Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, and received ASHA’s Media Champion Award. Sisskin served as Vice-Chair of the American Board on Fluency and Fluency Disorders and is a faculty member for the Stuttering Foundation’s Mid-Atlantic Workshop. She was named Speech-Language Pathologist of the Year by the National Stuttering Association. She owns the Sisskin Stuttering Center in the Washington, DC area.

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Choose the Career you Love or Love the Career...