George Washington University Bundle

George Washington University Bundle

This bundle is intended for George Washington University students to purchase these five titles at a discount.

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George Washington University Bundle
  • A Fresh Look at Stuttering (#4083)

    "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." This quote, attributed to both Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain, may not resonate for someone who has spent most of his or her life desperately trying to hide stuttering.

    Daily exhaustion from changing words, making excuses, timing...

  • Ali Berquez_Using SFBT with People who Stutter_v2

  • Avoidance Reduction Therapy in a Group Setting (#6740)

    The roots of Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering are found in the pioneering work of the late Joseph Sheehan, a professor of psychology at UCLA, and his wife Vivian Sheehan, a Los Angeles-based speech pathologist. The Sheehans applied concepts from conflict theory and role theory to formul...

  • Byrd-Self-Disclosure and Voluntary Stuttering

  • Cluttering: Another Look (#9720)

    In recent years, many advances have been made in understanding the communication disorder, cluttering.

    Kathleen Scaler Scott, Ph.D., of Misericordia University helps to clarify prior myths and explain recent research findings about cluttering. She presents the current lowest common denominato...