Georgia Southern Bundle

Georgia Southern Bundle

Bundle includes four titles at half off off the individual price:
1. Stuttering: Basic Clinical Skills (#9600)
2. Dealing with Guilt & Shame (#9505)
3. Helping children change thoughts & feelings (#6335).
4. Working with PreSchoolers who stutter (#0162)

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Georgia Southern Bundle
  • Basic Clinical Skills (#9600)

    This 128-minute program demonstrates speech management strategies to help you work effectively with children and adults who stutter.

    Chapters include:
    - Exploring talking and stuttering
    - Identification
    - Explore stuttering
    - Explore change
    - Tools for change
    - Soft starts
    - Changing ra...

  • Dealing with Guilt and Shame (#9505)

    This exciting video features Bill Murphy, M.A., Purdue University on how to cope with shame and guilt including:

    - Why Thoughts and Emotions Are Important
    - Stuttering Triangle
    - Essential Tools and Paper and Pencil Tasks
    - Portfolio Assessment
    - Therapy for Reducing Negative Thoughts
    - ...

  • Helping Children Change Thoughts & Feelings (#6335)

    For many children who stutter, successfully managing communication involves more than just changing speech. During this 2 hour 55 minute video, renowned clinician Vivian Sisskin, presents a multidimensional approach as a foundation to help children address the thoughts and feelings that sometimes...

  • Working with PreSchoolers Who Stutter (#0162)

    Improve your ability to successfully treat stuttering in preschoolers. This one hour and 45 minute video offers comprehensive and practical strategies for working with young children:

    - a multidimensional approach to the assessment and treatment of preschoolers
    - guidelines based on new resea...