Graduate Instructor Bundle #2

Graduate Instructor Bundle #2

These five titles are included in this bundle for the price of four.

1. Stuttering: A Clinical Review of the Evidence
2. Changing Thoughts & Feelings About Communication
3. Avoidance Reduction Therapy
4. Implementing Cognitive Behavior Therapy with School-Age Children
5. Using Williams’ Normal Talking Approach to Help Children Make Speech Change

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Graduate Instructor Bundle #2
  • Avoidance Reduction Therapy in a Group Setting (#6740)

    The roots of Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering are found in the pioneering work of the late Joseph Sheehan, a professor of psychology at UCLA, and his wife Vivian Sheehan, a Los Angeles-based speech pathologist. The Sheehans applied concepts from conflict theory and role theory to formul...

  • Implementing CBT with School-age Children (#6500)

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one approach for helping children change their thoughts and feelings about stuttering. These changes can lead to better therapy outcomes as children develop coping strategies, test their beliefs about listener reactions, and take risks like using speech tools in fr...

  • Helping Children Change Thoughts & Feelings (#6335)

    For many children who stutter, successfully managing communication involves more than just changing speech. During this 2 hour 55 minute video, renowned clinician Vivian Sisskin, presents a multidimensional approach as a foundation to help children address the thoughts and feelings that sometimes...

  • Stuttering: A Clinical Review of the Evidence (#6330)

    In this engaging 77 minute lecture, Dr. Joe Donaher of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, provides a framework for clinicians to view childhood stuttering from an evidence-based perspective. He presents the latest research in stuttering onset and development, genetics, neurophysiology, and ...

  • Using Williams' Normal Talking Approach (#6325)

    "Using Williams' Normal Talking Approach to Help Children Make Speech Change" will increase your confidence and flexibility in teaching students to modify their speech behavior!

    In this 153-minute video, filmed at the Stuttering Foundation's 2014 two-day conference on working with the school-...