Tennessee State University Bundle

Tennessee State University Bundle

This bundle is intended for Tennessee State University students to purchase these 7 programs for a discounted price.

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Tennessee State University Bundle
  • Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents (#0073)

    This 30 minute video is for parents and families of young children who stutter. (Formerly entitled: Stuttering and the Preschool Child) The focus is to help families understand stuttering and make changes to promote more fluent speech.

    - for parents whose child is stuttering.
    -for s...

  • The School-age Child Who Stutters (#1079)

    This 38-minute video is an excellent resource and teaching tool for speech-language pathologists as well as teachers, parents, and physicians.

    Certain to further the understanding of stuttering and what can be done to help the school-age child, this DVD provides information about:

    - wha...

  • If You Stutter: Advice for Adults (#1083)

    A 55-minute video on stuttering for adults who stutter, their families, and the professionals who work with them. Those who stutter share their personal stories and insights into what has helped them.

    Speech-language pathologists answer questions about stuttering and demonstrate a variety of ...

  • Scoring Disfluencies (#6350)

    Many methods have been developed to count speech disfluencies, and in this 1-hour video, clinicians are trained to differentiate between various types of disfluencies, how to code them, and analyze the data accordingly.

    While this is just one aspect of a comprehensive fluency assessment, it i...

  • Dealing Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions (#9504)

    This 79-minute video, featuring experienced speech-language pathologist Kristin Chmela, M.A., is an ideal tool for clinicians who work with the school-age child who stutters.

    It includes:
    - Communicating effectively with children
    - Three Types of Counseling
    - Creating Communicative Space

  • Stuttering Intervention for Teenagers (#9506)

    This 90-minute video, featuring speech-language pathologist Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D., is an ideal tool for clinicians working with adolescents who stutter.

    It includes:
    - Understanding Adolescence
    - Getting To Know the Adolescent
    - Motor Training Skills
    - Mental Training

    Part of a ser...

  • Cluttering (#9700)

    This 42-minute video demonstrates cluttering, and should help you work more effectively with children and adults who clutter.

    Chapters include:
    - Most common symptoms of cluttering
    - Coexisting problems with cluttering
    - Evaluation of cluttering
    - Treatment of cluttering

    Dynamic demonst...