University of New Mexico Bundle

University of New Mexico Bundle

This bundle is intended for students at the University of New Mexico to purchase these titles at a discount.

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University of New Mexico Bundle
  • Working with PreSchoolers Who Stutter (#0162)

    Improve your ability to successfully treat stuttering in preschoolers. This one hour and 45 minute video offers comprehensive and practical strategies for working with young children:

    - a multidimensional approach to the assessment and treatment of preschoolers
    - guidelines based on new resea...

  • Elaine Kelman_Parent-Child Interaction Therapy_FINAL

  • Basic Clinical Skills (#9600)

    This 128-minute program demonstrates speech management strategies to help you work effectively with children and adults who stutter.

    Chapters include:
    - Exploring talking and stuttering
    - Identification
    - Explore stuttering
    - Explore change
    - Tools for change
    - Soft starts
    - Changing ra...

  • Helping Children Change Thoughts & Feelings (#6335)

    For many children who stutter, successfully managing communication involves more than just changing speech. During this 2 hour 55 minute video, renowned clinician Vivian Sisskin, presents a multidimensional approach as a foundation to help children address the thoughts and feelings that sometimes...

  • Sharpening Counseling Skills (#9800)

    This exciting 3 hour program features renowned audiologist and expert counselor, David M. Luterman, D.Ed.

    Luterman's philosophy of counseling centers around deep listening and silent witnessing of our clients' stories and concerns as we refrain from providing immediate advice, information, or ...

  • Tools for Success: A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Taster (#9900)

    Highlights from a workshop featuring Frances Cook, MSc, MRCSLT (Hons)Cert. CT (Oxford), and Willie Botterill, MSc, (Psych. Couns.), MRCSLT, provide insights into working with the cognitive aspects of stuttering.

    This 3 hour 45 minute "taster" into cognitive behavior therapy explores the inter...

  • Byrd - The Role of Acceptance, Commitment & Mindfulness

  • Cluttering (#9700)

    This 42-minute video demonstrates cluttering, and should help you work more effectively with children and adults who clutter.

    Chapters include:
    - Most common symptoms of cluttering
    - Coexisting problems with cluttering
    - Evaluation of cluttering
    - Treatment of cluttering

    Dynamic demonst...