University of Northern Colorado Bundle

University of Northern Colorado Bundle

This bundle is intended for University of Northern Colorado students to purchase these five titles at a discount.

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University of Northern Colorado Bundle
  • EBP and PBE: Closing the Gap (#6720)

    Discussions about evidence-based practice often culminate in claims that there is one best approach to treatment of a particular type of client, or that we lack appropriate evidence or that clinicians lack access to what evidence we have.

    In this presentation, in an effort to frame these claim...

  • Working with PreSchoolers Who Stutter (#0162)

    Improve your ability to successfully treat stuttering in preschoolers. This one hour and 45 minute video offers comprehensive and practical strategies for working with young children:

    - a multidimensional approach to the assessment and treatment of preschoolers
    - guidelines based on new resea...

  • Sharpening Counseling Skills (#9800)

    This exciting 3 hour program features renowned audiologist and expert counselor, David M. Luterman, D.Ed.

    Luterman's philosophy of counseling centers around deep listening and silent witnessing of our clients' stories and concerns as we refrain from providing immediate advice, information, or ...

  • The School Clinician: Ways to be More Effective (#9502)

    This 84-minute video features speech-language pathologist Peter Ramig, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder and includes:

    - Teaching children to identify moments of stuttering
    - Sequencing therapy in a meaningful way
    - Developing transfer/maintenance skill

    It is an ideal tool for clinic...

  • Dealing Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions (#9504)

    This 79-minute video, featuring experienced speech-language pathologist Kristin Chmela, M.A., is an ideal tool for clinicians who work with the school-age child who stutters.

    It includes:
    - Communicating effectively with children
    - Three Types of Counseling
    - Creating Communicative Space