University of South Alabama Bundle

University of South Alabama Bundle

This bundle is intended for University of South Alabama students allowing them to purchase this bundle of titles at a discount.

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University of South Alabama Bundle
  • Cluttering (#9700)

    This 42-minute video demonstrates cluttering, and should help you work more effectively with children and adults who clutter.

    Chapters include:
    - Most common symptoms of cluttering
    - Coexisting problems with cluttering
    - Evaluation of cluttering
    - Treatment of cluttering

    Dynamic demonst...

  • Basic Clinical Skills (#9600)

    This 128-minute program demonstrates speech management strategies to help you work effectively with children and adults who stutter.

    Chapters include:
    - Exploring talking and stuttering
    - Identification
    - Explore stuttering
    - Explore change
    - Tools for change
    - Soft starts
    - Changing ra...

  • For Kids, By Kids: All Grown Up (#6345)

    This 20-minute video, hosted by Kristin A. Chmela, M.A., provides insight into the lives of four young adults, who 11 years earlier, were highlighted in the Stuttering Foundation's best selling video, "For Kids By Kids."

    In this inspiring new video, three common threads emerge as we hear Naom...

  • Implementing CBT with School-age Children (#6500)

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one approach for helping children change their thoughts and feelings about stuttering. These changes can lead to better therapy outcomes as children develop coping strategies, test their beliefs about listener reactions, and take risks like using speech tools in fr...

  • Elaine Kelman_Parent-Child Interaction Therapy_FINAL

  • The School Clinician: Ways to be More Effective (#9502)

    This 84-minute video features speech-language pathologist Peter Ramig, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder and includes:

    - Teaching children to identify moments of stuttering
    - Sequencing therapy in a meaningful way
    - Developing transfer/maintenance skill

    It is an ideal tool for clinic...