USC 2 #3086 Bundle

USC 2 #3086 Bundle

This bundle allows University of South Carolina students to purchase these 5 programs at a discount.

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USC 2 #3086 Bundle
  • Using Williams' Normal Talking Approach (#6325)

    "Using Williams' Normal Talking Approach to Help Children Make Speech Change" will increase your confidence and flexibility in teaching students to modify their speech behavior!

    In this 153-minute video, filmed at the Stuttering Foundation's 2014 two-day conference on working with the school-...

  • Stuttering: A Clinical Review of the Evidence (#6330)

    In this engaging 77 minute lecture, Dr. Joe Donaher of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, provides a framework for clinicians to view childhood stuttering from an evidence-based perspective. He presents the latest research in stuttering onset and development, genetics, neurophysiology, and ...

  • Scoring Disfluencies (#6350)

    Many methods have been developed to count speech disfluencies, and in this 1-hour video, clinicians are trained to differentiate between various types of disfluencies, how to code them, and analyze the data accordingly.

    While this is just one aspect of a comprehensive fluency assessment, it i...

  • Avoidance Reduction Therapy in a Group Setting (#6740)

    The roots of Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering are found in the pioneering work of the late Joseph Sheehan, a professor of psychology at UCLA, and his wife Vivian Sheehan, a Los Angeles-based speech pathologist. The Sheehans applied concepts from conflict theory and role theory to formul...

  • Basic Clinical Skills (#9600)

    This 128-minute program demonstrates speech management strategies to help you work effectively with children and adults who stutter.

    Chapters include:
    - Exploring talking and stuttering
    - Identification
    - Explore stuttering
    - Explore change
    - Tools for change
    - Soft starts
    - Changing ra...